Engine Diagnostics
The check engine light usually comes on without warning and catches you off guard but don’t worry because  we are here to help! This little yellow light is a warning to take action, and we would like you to know that  Ashton Autos can take care of any problem that we find with your vehicle.
Our team of auto technicians can provide all of these answers and repairs, usually in the same visit. Since there are often no other warning signs, some owners might think it’s okay to continue driving with a check engine light alert.  That little, dark yellow light on your dashboard is an early indication of a problem that should be addressed immediately. It’s designed to give you enough time to get to Ashton Autos before any further damage is done to your vehicle.  Just ‘reading the trouble code’ is not an engine diagnostic test for the Engine light coming on.  When the light comes on, it may stay on for several days or may come on for just a few minutes and then go off, but when it's on it needs checking.